Our investment site is located in 30, Vučedolska Str., in a suburban area, just at the foot of the hills surrounding Donje Polje. It is only one kilometar away from the Cetinje city centre, which significantly reduces transportation and logistics costs.

Transport infrastructure, i.e. access roads and the parking space around the facility is convenient for different types of vehicles, since the facility itself is situated alongside the main road. It is also connected to the city by a good quality road, which enables easy access to big trucks, as well.
Water supply of the facility comes from the city water supply network, although we have designed and installed an onsite water storage tank, to be used if necessary. Electrical installation system has been properly implemented… Wastewater treatment system conveys wastewater from the facility to designated septic tanks.
Specific climate of the city of Cetinje and windy conditions in this mountainous region favour meat drying and even speed up the process.

Our production process does not have any adverse ecological effects to the environment. Since it is a completely natural process, it can do no harm. All technological procedures include natural ingredients, and no chemicals are used. Furthermore, burning beech wood, otherwise known as the “clean“ firewood, which helps the process of drying deli meat products, is insignificant. The production process requires inconsiderable use of smoke, so the burning rate is as low as with any form of solid fuel heating system. Windy conditions in the area does not allow for the accumulation of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the air.

In conclusion, ecologically speaking, there are no irregularities. According to our production plan, we are focused on producing natural, organic, healthy local food, which does not affect ecological balance in any way.