Mision, vision and competitive advantages

Our Mission – as for the most of its potentials, our Company has already defined its mission. We are oriented towards organic food production, primarily pork meat products, as well as foused on completing the range of services we can offer in the field of meat processing industry.

Our Vision is to be recognised as one of the leaders in the field of meat production and processing at both, the local and the international market. We use our knowledge, strong relations with our customers and consumers, our profits and distinctive partnership approach to improve our service levels to all our customers, to grow all areas of our business and more importantly to increase our market share.

Key to Success – Competitive Advantages
By direct insight into the manufacturing capacity and by analysing our product line, we have identified some important features as competitive advantages of the Company Interprodukt. The following ones stand out, in particular:

  • Quality – Interprodukt is committed to high quality assurance of all the products within its product line. We manage to meet the set quality requirements and maintain the quality level thanks to:
    – High level of hygiene in production process;
    – High quality raw materials, and
    – Proper and effective maintenance of final products.
  • Sales Channels – by analysing our sales channels, it can be stated that the Company has brought its product line closer to the end –buyer, through all the key retail systems and a large number of retailers. More than 90% of the total production is sold on the territory of Montenegro.
  • Product Packaging – the management of the Company Interprodukt has timely recognised development trends and tendencies on the market and reacted by adjusting the product packaging to emerging marken demands. For example, the whole leg of prosciutto is not being sold nowadays due to a number of reasons, but there is a raising demand for sliced, small quantity packages, which are now being offered to the customers. The situation is similar with all the other products, as well.
  • Selling Price Policy – Interprodukt has implemented the «medium» selling price policy, as an important stepping stone in sales promotion in times of low living standard, which does not prevent customers from buying our products.
  • Favourable Geographical Location – we have taken advantage of all the ideal climate benefits of this region – situated at 672 m above the sea level, continental air-flow with a moderating influence of the nearby sea ( 8 km air distance from the sea) and MOUNT LOVĆEN ( 3 km air distance).
  • Continuous growth and improvement in all areas of our business
  • Reliability